Friday night is beer night....

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Oh how I'm missing my Friday night early doors drinks at the pub......

I remember, a million years ago, watching my dad, on trip to visit me at uni, clawing at the door of The Ship on Park Row at 5.30pm on a Friday night waiting for them to open. Those were the days.

Anyway, now I'm the "dad" and me and the family are locked down at home, we have to do our own early doors on a Friday. At least me and the boys do!

We've deemed the kitchen to be the "pub" until 7pm.

Fancy joining us (virtually of course) for a pint?

Order your beer delivery here!

The life of a lockdown delivery driver.......

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I think lockdown is making me even more boring than usual.

Arbor just delviered me a bunch of their cute little three-can presentation boxes, each one complete with its own custom pint glass. I was inordinately excited by this and persuaded the cans out of the box for a little photo shoot, the consequence of which was that a Shangri La got opened.

Oh well, probably best drink it then.

The day just got better....... (and no more deliveries obvs!)